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What are the requirements for documenting medical direction? How do the changes in the CMS Interpretive Guidelines for Hospital Participation affect my practice? What are the PQRS measurements that apply to my practice and how do I document them so that I receive the incentive bonus? Has my BCBS carrier implemented a restrictive policy limiting reimbursement for anesthesia for endoscopic procedures and how do I document that the patient has met the criteria? How do I calculate time when billing for lines and post-operative pain blocks? What are the key items that must be documented in billing for rounding on post-operative pain blocks?

These questions and many more arise on a daily basis in the scope of every anesthesia practice. PPM recognizes the importance of provider education and our role in that process. Having knowledgeable providers is not only important from a compliance standpoint, but also is necessary to maximize reimbursements. PPM’s role is to provide information that is timely, pertinent, thorough and accurate. Our clients are updated continuously on changes in anesthesia and pain management coding, billing issues and rules and regulations that are critical to achieving compliance and maximum reimbursement.

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