Physicians Professional Management

Complete billing, collection and practice management
services for anesthesia and pain management groups.

Technology & Reporting

Our practice management software is designed to capture all billable charges associated with surgical and pain management cases. At PPM, our new clients typically see revenue increases in the first six months. Our practice management software is designed specifically for the nuances of anesthesia billing and collections. Over 90% of our claims are filed electronically, and within 48 hours we verify through our reporting system that those claims have been received by the payer. This enhances the ability to track payments and manage your cash flow. 

In addition, our advanced technology not only provides exceptional daily billing capabilities, but our sophisticated reporting software can extract virtually any data on your billing and collections activities. Need to know case duration? Exact minutes and time units? Provider statistics on all cases? Case mix by procedure type? Epidurals placed during on-call hours? Our reporting software can provide important answers to help you better manage your practice and increase your income.

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