Billing, collection and practice management for anesthesia and pain management groups.

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Billing, collection and practice management for anesthesia and pain management groups.


The information presented herein reflects general information that is current as of the date it was first published. Please check with your individual legal and/or compliance advisor(s) prior to taking any significant actions based upon the information and advice presented.

  • COVID-19 Documentation Requirements
    Apr. 23, 2020 – With the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund, comes a new reporting requirement.  Providers need to make sure they are documenting all COVID-19 patients that they are treating.  There are a few ways that anesthesia providers can help to ensure that all these cases are captured accurately. 

  • New CPT Modifier Rule: Add-on Codes - Bilateral (50) -vs- Right (RT) and Left (LT)
    Feb. 18, 2020 – As if pain management billing wasn’t complex enough, now the AMA has changed the guidelines for bilateral procedures.  Certain interventional pain management procedures will be affected by the new guidelines.  Do you know which ones? 

  • New Pain Management Codes: Genicular Nerves and SI Joint Nerves
    Jan. 15, 2020 – This year’s publication of CPT contains 4 new procedure codes for pain management. They are for procedures which have been performed without the benefit of specific codes for some time now.  Two of the codes are for procedures on the genicular nerve branches, a nerve block and a nerve destruction.  The other two codes are for procedures on the nerves innervating the sacroiliac joint, again, a nerve block and a nerve destruction code.

  • Benefits of Electronic Payment and Remittances
    Nov. 30, 2019 – If getting paid faster, reducing paperwork, and lowering your practice’s administrative cost appeals to you, then your practice could greatly benefit by enrolling to receive payments and remittances electronically.

  • Postoperative Pain Management Billing Conventions
    Nov. 15, 2019 – Although Medicare considers the management of postoperative pain to be the responsibility of the surgeon and includes it in the surgeon’s global fee, there are instances in which it is billable for anesthesia providers.  If the postoperative pain management requires the skill of an anesthesia provider, and the surgeon requests it, it can be billed and reimbursed successfully observing a few billing conventions. 

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